Tasty Vegetable Cutlet Recipe by Nithya P


Veg Cutlet or Vegetable Cutlet is an easy and delicious Indian snack made from mashed potatoes and other veggies, perfect to have along with a cup of tea in the evening.


Bread Crumbs


Carrot Grated -2

Green peas: a small cup

Onion : 1 , finely chopped

Green Chilies :4


Sunflower oil : for frying the cutlet

Preparation Method:

Step:1 Steam Cook Potato and Green peas

Step:2 – Pour 3 tablespoon sunflower oil in to a pan and saute onion and green chilies.When it become golden brown,add salt, two table spoon red chilly powder 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder and half table spoon garam masala and mix it thoroughly.

Step:3 – Add finely grated carrot, smashed potato and green peas to the mixture made in step two, the filling for the cutlet is ready keep it aside for coding.

Step:4 – Add two table spoon bread crumbs to the vegetable mixture and mix properly with hands.Make the shape according to your wish.Dip in to egg and roll onto bread crumbs,deep fry in the sunflower oil.Now the tasty cutlet is ready to serve.

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